JBRF Selected to Conduct Symposium at Radcliffe Accelerator

We're proud to announce that JBRF has been selected to participate in Harvard University's Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study: Accelerator Workshops program.


The Radcliffe Accelerator Workshop program is a highly selective program. Participants are chosen "with an eye towards accelerating the spread of innovative ideas and knowledge into the academic or public realm."

After a highly competitive application process JBRF was selected to participate in the 2021-2022 academic year accelerator workshop program. This coming October our researchers will be hosting a symposium designed to bring together experts in the area of neuro-psychiatry, bipolar disorder, and post traumatic stress disorder to collaboratively explore and discuss how Fear of Harm best aligns with these existing disorders. Additionally, family, educational, social and criminal justice advocates will come together to help outline and underscore how accurate diagnosis and treatment positively impacts not only the child with Fear of Harm, but the entire community in which they live.


Sharing information about Fear of Harm with both field experts as well as the general public is a humanitarian necessity. Millions of people, many of them children, live in a constant state of torment from traumatic dreams, sleep disruptions, dysfunctional interpersonal relationships, inappropriate aggression, extreme mood fluctuations, and exaggerated fears, all of which are destructive to children and families.


Fortunately, JBRF researchers have brought a light to this darkness. The identified treatments for Fear of Harm provide rapid and significant relief, which change for the better the course of children's lives. This October our symposium will serve to broaden the scope of that light of hope, furthering our ultimate aim, which is to help the millions of people, and their families, who suffer from Fear of Harm. 


While this symposium will not be open to the public, we look forward to sharing its outcomes with you when we are able. 


In the meantime, please feel free to check out our website or our educational materials that outline in detail Fear of Harm, its symptoms, and treatments.  


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JBRF supports children and families suffering from bipolar disorder and

Fear of Harm through research, education, and outreach.

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