May 7th is Children's Mental Health Awareness Day

Each year the mental health community comes together on Children's Mental Health Awareness Day to shine a light on the mental health needs of all children and increase awareness about the complex needs of children living with serious mental illness. We also strive to celebrate the success of children and families living with Bipolar Disorder and Fear of Harm.


Thank you to all of our supporters who have already made a gift during our Children's Mental Health Awareness Day fundraising campaign. Some of our first contributors to our campaign were 12 year old John and his younger sister. They were both so proud to use their allowance to make $5.00 donations each to our campaign. John told us that, "JBRF is great and all the people who work with me are super nice to me."

John and his Family Find a Path to Hope

John, 12 years old, has struggled with Bipolar Disorder and Fear of Harm his whole life. But it was only a couple of years ago that John's family finally got the answers they needed. His mom told us, "I will never forget the first time I explained to John his true illness after finding JBRF and learning about Fear of Harm. When I told him he hugged me hard and asked, 'so I'm not crazy?' I don't think I've ever felt so much joy and sadness at the same time."


Mom went on to explain, "I felt joy because we knew there was something we could do. But I felt sadness because for so long all anyone could see was a series of 'crazy' behaviors and fears."


At JBRF we partner with families like John's to make sure that they never have to face these struggles alone. John and his parents tell us they appreciate that JBRF has "advocated on John's behalf time and time again, answered questions, talked to doctors, therapists, and teachers to help make sure John is treated in the correct ways. Most of all, JBRF works hard to end the stigma our children live with."  


We'll be honest, this work is challenging, costly, and time-consuming. But it is a privilege and honor for us to be able to support children like John. 


Your support of JBRF makes all of this possible. Thank you to all of you who have previously supported JBRF. Please consider joining John and his sister and make a gift towards our Children's Mental Health Awareness Day fundraising campaign.


Product of the Month & Advocate Gift

May's Featured Product:

Moona Pillow Pad


An ideal product for those with Fear of Harm to use for nighttime cooling. Developed and based on sleep science, the Moona Cooling Pillow Pad delivers cool temperatures to your head and neck, triggering thermoregulation, making good quality sleep easier to achieve.



During our Children's Mental Health Awareness Day fundraiser we're offering 2 Moona Pillow Pads as prizes.


Find out how to become eligible to win one of these cooling devices that sells for $400!


JBRF supports children and families suffering from bipolar disorder and

Fear of Harm through research, education, and outreach.

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