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Success in School with

Fear of Harm & Mood Disorders 

Whether you're a parent, teacher, therapist, or anyone who supports kids with bipolar disorder and Fear of Harm, we all want to know the same thing: How do we help our kids with bipolar disorder and Fear of Harm succeed in school? JBRF is here to help you find the answer.


We're thrilled to announce our upcoming webinar with Cindy Allman, founder and director of Newmark K-8 School & Newmark High School. "I've known Cindy for years," says JBRF's executive director, Elizabeth Errico. "She's one of the smartest, most forward thinking, and accomplished people I've ever met when it comes to helping children with mood disorders navigate and thrive in school. I couldn't be more grateful to Cindy for the work she does. Every kid deserves the kind of school experience she creates."

Children with bipolar disorder and Fear of Harm need accommodations in school. These disorders cause energy levels, the ability to focus, and stamina to vary not only throughout each day, but from day to day, season to season, and from one school year to the next.


Even for the healthiest kids, school can trigger anxiety. FOH's elevated fears, misperceptions of threat, low frustration tolerance, and executive function deficits  can create overwhelming challenges at school.

While many schools are able to recognize and provide accommodations for disorders like ADHD or learning disabilities, most don't really understand how mood disorders, bipolar disorder, and Fear of Harm impact kids and learning. This means parents have to do a lot of advocacy on their own to make sure their children are getting the support they deserve.

Join JBRF & School Expert Cindy Allman

Wednesday August 18th

Don't miss this opportunity to hear Cindy speak about how to help kids with mood disorder succeed in school. In addition to being the founder and executive director of Newmark K-8 and Newmark High School, Cindy also spearheads the Newmark Teacher Training Institute where she trains educators in the field of special education on how mental health issues manifest in the classroom and how to effectively modify behaviors. Through compassion, empathy, and a genuine affection and respect for kids, she works to ensure that students with mental illness succeed both academically and socially in school.


Cindy's wealth of experience will help parents learn more about how to best advocate for their child at school, how best to partner with teachers and administrators, and how to better understand the often complex and confusing process of requesting and developing IEP & 504 plans that are appropriate for kids with mood disorders. With a Q&A at the end, parents can have their questions answered by an expert. 


Don't delay! Register now to join us via Zoom on Wednesday, August 18th at 7pm eastern time for this JBRF exclusive online event.

Space is limited for this webinar, so we ask for a small $8 contribution to hold your spot.


We hope to see you there!




Product of the Month


August's Featured Product:

Withings Thermo Smart Thermometer


Keeping track of body temperature and the ratio between core and peripheral body temperature is essential to figuring out how to manage the Fear of Harm symptoms. But just taking your temperature with any old thermometer doesn't get the job done. With the Withings Thermo Smart Thermometer you can get skin temperature readings that will convert to body temperature from almost anywhere on the body. Now, taking readings on the forehead, palm, and sternum is easy and quick.



Mom, Stefanie, shares her insight on the Withings Thermo Smart Thermometer:


"The Thermo Smart is designed to run across part of the forehead and it figures out which numbers to report. I've used it for the palms and sternum too. You can download the temperatures from a website as a spreadsheet or view them in the app, making data collection easy."


JBRF supports children and families suffering from bipolar disorder and

Fear of Harm through research, education, and outreach.

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