JBRF's May 2022 Newsletter Contents:

  • Celebrate JBRF Kids: Children's Mental Health Awareness Day Fundraiser
  • Wednesday Webinars!: Stories from the Front Lines: Families & Fear of Harm
  • Fundraising Footnotes: Recurring Monthly Donations!

Celebrate JBRF Kids!

Each year on Children's Mental Health Awareness Day we honor and celebrate the successes of children living with Bipolar Disorder and Fear of Harm as a community, because our kids are extraordinary!

Thank you to all of our supporters who have already made a gift during our Children's Mental Health Awareness Day fundraising campaign. Your support means more cutting-edge research can be done, more essential education can be offered, more expansive outreach can be conducted, and more tenacious advocacy can be carried out. Your gift brings more hope.

Celebrating Success

Every family with a kid with Fear of Harm knows the "little things" most families take for granted don't come easy for our kids. In fact, those so-called "little things" are hard won, and often demonstrate incredible progress.


These are some truly celebratory moments JBRF families have experienced this past year:

  • "My son just started the first extracurricular activity he's been able to do in years. I am near tears. He is doing so much better. I couldn’t imagine anything like this for so long."
  • "My son went to the movies with his cousin who’s the same age, by themselves. If you’d have told me 2 years ago he would do something this “normal” I wouldn't have believed you. This is a huge victory!"
  • "A spooky image my son saw plagued his dreams making him sleep on the couch. But he told me he's going back to his room tonight because he isn't afraid anymore."
  • "I asked my son to shower and change his clothes. His first response was to say, "No!" Then he said, "I don't even know why I'm arguing. I'm just gonna do it"... and then he did! Progress methinks!"
  • "My child lived at home this entire year, is in partial remission, and goes to school. These are milestones that were so hard to imagine just a year or two ago."
  • Today was our vaccine appointment and my little man was scared. But, he identified that he was going into a stressful situation, planned ahead something to help him cope, and asked for the coping tool when he needed it. This is a huge win!"

Thanks to Your Generosity

These achievements don't happen by accident, they come from hard work. The parents and families in our community are grateful to receive much needed support from JBRF. Everyday JBRF is able to bring hope to more families because of your generosity.


JBRF's parents share their appreciation for the gift of hope you have brought them.

  • "Being able to come together with other caregivers has been priceless. Thank you to everyone who makes JBRF's services possible!"
  • "Thank you JBRF, for the first time in a year my husband and I have hope for a better future."
  • "JBRF has been so helpful. You've given us a new hope that there's help out there. Thank you."
  • "We are exceptionally grateful for the advocacy JBRF has provided on behalf of my family. Their proactive, individualized, and compassionate approach was instrumental in enabling us to pursue these life-altering treatments."
  • "Thanks to JBRF's cutting edge-research and unwavering support, I have so much to be grateful for this year."
  • "I asked my son to tell me three things he is thankful for. He wrote: I am thankful for space. I am thankful for you! I am thankful for treatment and the JBRF."

Give today and be a part of these incredible accomplishments.


Wednesday Webinars!

Coming Up May 18th

Join JBRF for May's Webinar:

Stories from the Frontlines:

Families & Fear of Harm


Wednesday, May 18th,

7:30-8:30pm eastern time


Join JBRF executive director Elizabeth Errico as she welcomes JBRF family panelists who'll share about the life transforming power of getting the correct diagnosis and treatment for bipolar and Fear of Harm. Too often families are isolated in their struggles with these challenging

disorders. As part of the JBRF family community no one needs to face bipolar and Fear of Harm alone.

Check out the recording of last month's

Community Briefing Webinar with Dr. Demitri Papolos.


Fundraising Footnotes

What's the gift that makes a difference all year long? Recurring monthly gifts. With recurring giving, you're able to give back all year long, and it's super easy to set up!


As a sustaining donor, you can be proud to know that your monthly gift provides critical support to all of JBRF's research projects and outreach & educational programs while giving JBRF the financial flexibility to

respond to urgent and new opportunities quickly. You can set up a recurring monthly gift quickly and easily on our safe and secure online giving platform. Just click the box for "Every Month" and with no extra effort on your part your gift will continue, providing  predictability and stability to all of JBRF's work. 


JBRF supports children and families suffering from bipolar disorder and

Fear of Harm through research, education, and outreach.

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