Year End Campaign 2021

As you know JBRF's 2021 Year End Fundraiser is in full swing! The many successes we’ve been able to share this year with the JBRF community have been both exciting and gratifying. But, the journey we are on with our children is a marathon not a sprint!

Families depend on JBRF for essential outreach and education, tenacious advocacy, and for the cutting edge research that is the foundation of all we do. Thanks to the generous support of JBRF donors we’ve been able to keep our research, education, outreach, and advocacy programs running all throughout the pandemic.

We’ve also expanded our reach, made meaningful progress in promoting the understanding and acceptance of juvenile onset bipolar disorder and the Fear of Harm diagnoses, and we’re planning crucial new research projects to further this already groundbreaking work.


But we can’t rest on our accomplishments! In the coming year there is much more research to conduct and many more families to help. Your financial support will allow JBRF to bring hope to children, to educate networks of professionals, and to implement exciting new research projects. 


Today we are asking you to consider donating to the

JBRF 2021 Year End Campaign


A parent recently shared with me how they’d spent years fruitlessly searching for answers for their child. But, the day they came across JBRF, learned about Fear of Harm, and accessed our programs and services their child’s life was put on a new and better trajectory: “It’s just been life changing for her to have the right diagnosis. Now, we have hope and a roadmap. She doesn’t feel like things are wrong with her anymore. She’s so much more joyful and stable.”


Your investment in JBRF will help bring these transformational opportunities to more and more children. To do this, we need your financial support. This year we ask you to match or, if you can, to increase your Year End Campaign gift from previous years.


Or, if you're a new donor, make this the year you make a difference for a child with Bipolar and Fear of Harm, and consider a gift of $365; one dollar for every day of hope you can bring to a child this year. 


If you value the innovative research JBRF does and the invaluable support we give to children and families everywhere, please donate today. You can make a gift by credit card on our safe and secure online fundraising platform or mail a check payable to Juvenile Bipolar Research Foundation to:

JBRF Gift Processing | 111 Hekili St. Suite A-600 | Kailua, HI 96734


On behalf of our entire JBRF family, thank you for your continued support! 


Happy Holidays,

Elizabeth Errico

Executive Director

Juvenile Bipolar Research Foundation



Special Event Tomorrow Night!

Don't forget to join JBRF's Research Director, Demitri Papolos, and Executive Director, Elizabeth Errico, for a very special community gathering. Attendees will:

  • Hear a report on JBRF's successful October conference at the Harvard Radcliffe Institute;
  • Get an update on JBRF's current fMRI study at McClean Hospital;
  • Learn about upcoming JBRF research projects and opportunities to participate; and
  • Participate in a live Q&A. 

Wednesday, December 15th, 7:30-8:30pm via Zoom


Product of the Month

December's Featured Product:

Eucalyptus Sheets & Blankets


A great temperature regulating gift this holiday! Eucalyptus, with it's natural temperature-regulating properties is highly breathable, transferring heat and moisture into the air, helping you stay cool and comfortable while you sleep.


Whether you’re looking for sheets, a comforter, duvet covers, or breathable throw blankets, Sheets & Giggles brand is the way to go. They make hypoallergenic zero-static products that are gentler on those with tactile sensitivities.

These sheets are smooth, cool, and super soft, helping to promote a great night’s sleep.

A JBRF Mom tells us how these sheets help you stay cool all night long:


"I thought the idea of cooling sheets was too good to be true. But they really work! You can sleep the whole night long without feeling too hot or too cold. These breathable sheets wick away moisture and keep you comfortable. And they're so soft too! I can't imagine our child sleeping without them now that we've used them for the past few months."


JBRF supports children and families suffering from bipolar disorder and

Fear of Harm through research, education, and outreach.

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